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Bradley Vs Pacquaio Aftermath, Proposed Bipartison Legislation

20 Jun

Time and time again, sports such as boxing an have been plagued with controversial judging decisions. The Pacquaio Vs Bradley fight has to be one of the greatest controversies in boxing history. The majority of pundits and viewers thought Pacquaio won by a large margin, resulting in a  huge negative ripple effect for boxing.

Steps are now taking place for legislation of a United States Boxing Commission to major fights rather than State commissions. Two Senators leading the charge are John McCain and Harry Reid, both of whom were amateur boxers at a younger age.

John McCain states, “Ineffective oversight of professional boxing will continue to result in scandals, controversies, unethical practices, a lack of trust in the integrity of judged outcomes and most tragic of all, unnecessary deaths in the sport.” The proposed legislation would appoint referees and judges, and licensing power to boxing organizations, managers, and boxers.


*Image courtesy of: (Joe Klamar/Getty Images)

McCain: Boxing ‘corrupt’, in need of regulation