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Mark “Little Pacquaio” Barriga Advances With Olympic Win

31 Jul

Light flyweight Mark Anthony Barriga, known as Little Pacquaio, considered Team Philippines’ best chance at a gold medal and Team Philippines’ only boxing representative. Little Pacquaio earned a one-sided victory at these London Olympics against Italy’s Manuel Cappai on Tuesday. Barriga earned his nickname “Little Pacquaio” by training at Pacquaio’s camp. At 5-foot-2, Little Pacquaio will use his punching power and quickness against bigger fighters just like Manny Pacquaio.

Philippines’ young boxing talent usually choose a professional career and not compete at the Olympics, as this is the case for Manny Pacquaio, who turned pro at age 17.  Philippines’ total Olympic medals to date is nine, five won in boxing. It’s nice to know Little Pacquaio chose to compete in the Olympics and is now advancing to the Round of 16.

Let’s go Little Pacquiao!

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Little Pacquaio comes up big at Olympic Boxing


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Stephen A Smith Says Boycott Boxing Over Pacquaio Vs Bradley Fight

12 Jun

Stephen A Smith among millions of others thought the Pacquaio Vs Bradley fight was not judged correctly. He said that he wants people to boycott PPV. Smith said boxing is not worth supporting for the unjust judging. Smith also says boxing does not give us fights that the people want to see so why support it? Watch the link:

I agree with what he says. I paid for the fight, and feel like I got ripped off out of my money. I’m going to think twice about spending my money on future boxing matches.

I give probs for Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless for telling it how it is.

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