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Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez Wins Street Fighter Vs. Marvel World Championship

11 Jul

In the world of fighting games competition, there is no event more prestigious than the EVO Championship Series, widely considered the World Championship of fighting games. World Warriors from all over the world get to compete annually in Las Vegas. For the popular game Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (UMVC3), Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez needed to win after being knocked into the loser’s bracket by his opponent Infrit. After some tense moments, Filipino Champ fights his way winning 6 games in the grand finals against Infrit to become World Champion here .

Filipino Champ is a well-known name among the Fighting Game Community (FGC). He has won major events including SoCal Regionals held in Los Angeles winning the Super Street Fighter 4 event defeating Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, the greatest Street Fighter player of all time from Japan. Over the past few years, Filipino Champ has had plenty of media attention including TFC’s Balitang America segment here.

Filipino Champ travels extensively all over the US and internationally as a professional gamer. Filipino Champ had trips to Japan, Australia, and most recently to the Philippines. He is sponsored by Complexity Cross Counter and  currently participating at San Diego COMIC CON.

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(Photo: Karaface)


A Word With Street Fighter Artist Ivan “Vancamelot” Camelo

4 Jun

I recently had the opportunity to interview artist Ivan “Vancamelot” Camelo who currently resides in Colombia. He’s been making major news lately over his Street Fighter art. His art has recently been published in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversay Tribute Artbook.

(Please note: Vancamelot is not fluent in English but was gracious enough to do an interview with me)

Could you give the readers a brief background on who you are? 

I’m a 35 years old Colombian artist. I have always been a full-time geek, drawing most of my time, even in my spare time and in family gatherings. I started off deciding to study graphic design. After that, I got involved in boring jobs designing logos, making Web pages – which I hate doing, really hate it… and educational courses, but I kept drawing. Then I got a job in animation and love it… but I need a lot of time to make an animation …and I always made the same character day after day …then I became a little bored, there I met two of my best friends, after that I met a great woman (“Klaus”) who is my Muse, my special support and my lucky amulet.

Now I am creating art for social network video games and I feel that only now I really love my job….not even feel it’s a job….LOL…. but they pay me. 🙂

What got you into Street Fighter? 

I saw “Street Fighter I” when i was 14 years old. It was love at first sight, 5 years later Capcom had given me more hope with “Street fighter II”. That game had so many characters with individual move sets, combos, and fighting styles. Capcom continued to fuel my love for their video game franchise with a great anime series, a spectacular Animated Movie, toys, tons of art books, console adaptations and more sequels ….

When I was in the university I saw the best game ever…. “Street Fighter III” , I was freaking out with their animation and their bigger sprites This game is one of the most strategic games I’ve ever seen. ( The story still continues… )

Street fighter has always been my companion throughout the years…. Thanks again Mr. Ono. 

Who are you inspirations?

My inspirations are Arthur de Pins, Akiman, Yoyi Shinkawa, Cheeks , Zeoarts and Hirohiko Araki.

Who is your favorite Street Fighter character and who is your favorite character to draw? 

My favourite character is Guile and for Drawing is Akuma.

Do you plan on coming to the US in the future? I would love to see you in an artist alley. 

I really want to share my time with other people, fans ( I love them ) and trolls (they really amuse me) around the world… So my first place to go will be US. I will try to go in the Next year.

Did Capcom publish any of your art?  

My art was published in the MEGAMAN TRIBUTE ARTBOOK and now in the STREET FIGHTER 25TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE (This limited edition set is a “must-have” )

Any last words and shoutouts? 

Drawing all day, and to love my chick “Klaus” all the time.

Greetings to the people who really enjoy what I do…. and remember “Don’t feed the trolls”.

(After the interview, Vancamelot sent me original DJ Teddy Eddy art and a message:)

Please accept this Gift!!! ( The Picture…Lol!!!) 

Greetings Bro!!!

Thanks so much for the art and interview! I love the DJ Teddy Eddy Art!

Vancamelot’s Deviant Art Page: