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Apple Launches iTunes in Philippines and Other Asian Countries

26 Jun

Apple just announced the launching of iTunes in 12 Asian countries including Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. iTunes will carry a large option of music from major and independent labels from the Philippines. This will give people in the Philippines opportunity to also download music, apps, books, movies, podcasts, and tv shows.

There will be more opportunity for artists from the Philippines to get their music out to an international audience. I just looked up a few artists from the Philippines such as Kyla, Nina, and Juris Fernandez. I was not able to find these artists before on iTunes but now I can. For artists living abroad, this will also give them more exposure to Filipinos living in the Philippines as well.


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Apple Launches iTunes Store in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan & Nine Additional Countries in Asia Today


Nicole Scherzinger Joins The X-Factor UK Judging Panel

19 Jun

Former Pussycat Doll lead singer Nicole Scherzinger will be making her leap across the pond to become The X-factor’s fourth judge in the UK. After her split with the Pussycat Dolls, Scherzinger found success in the UK as a solo artist, topping the UK charts with Don’t Hold Your Breath and top five with her singles Right There and Poison off her debut 2011 album Killer Love.

Scherzinger guest judged two times in 2010 and again in 2012. Scherzinger joins Gary Barlow, Tulisa, and Louis Walsh as full-time judges. Gary Barlow is one of the most successful singer songwriters from the UK and a member of group, Take That.  Tulisa was the lead vocalist of of successful hip hop group, N-Dubz. Louis Walsh is a highly successful manager and mastermind of boy band groups Boyzone and Westlife.

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Nicole Scherzinger joins The X Factor as Fourth Judge

DJ Chris Villa: Power 106 Jumpoff Mix

18 Jun


Here’s a sick mix that got me dancing. I hear some influence of some bay area freestyle music which is always a plus for me. A good mix of different genres, open format tracks. DJ Chris Villa is the Official DJ for the Phoenix Suns.

You can download it from here –

Diplo Loves His Jollibee

11 Jun

(video credit to DJ Vic One of Power 106)

Internationally renowned DJ/Producer Diplo was interviewed by Power 106’s DJ Vick One in Los Angeles. Diplo stated, “I like that Filipino burger place Jollibees, man, you know. They got that chicken, burger, fries together.”  Not only does Diplo have good taste when it comes to music, he also has good taste when it comes to eats.

Yes, not only Pilipinos should eat at Jollibee, but all people of various ethnicities should try out Jollibee and taste Jollibee’s sweet Jolly goodness.

Follow Diplo!/diplo

Krystle Cruz Premiere Party This Friday in Downtown San Diego

6 Jun

Krystle Cruz just informed me about her premiere party for her new music video “Do You One Better” produced by ROMIX Productions. This event will be taking place this upcoming Friday at Sway Nightclub in Downtown, San Diego. There will be no cover charge.

Teaser to her upcoming video:

Be sure to check out her album “Underneath Me” available on iTunes

DJ Mixtress » Happy Old Skool Foot Burn – Part 1 Mix Review

31 May

Here’s a mix that I listened to while exercising on the track today. If you don’t know who The Mixtress is, she’s my old chat mate, and she’s been making dope mixes ever since the early 90’s, her claim to fame was through her Freestyle Mix CD’s. After a long hiatus, she is shared some of her recent mixes on Mixcrate, now she posting more regularly on If you are into Breaks and Happy Hardcore, this is for you!

You can download the mix from this link:

Here is The Mixtress’ Facebook fanpage:

DJ RaiZe: The Fast Life 2012 Mix Review

29 May

During my 1 hour treadmill workout earlier, listening to nice beats is a must. I heard that this was  DJ Roli Rho’s favorite recent mix on twitter, so I had to definitely check it out. It’s mostly Progressive House with some Hip Hop and Dutch House thrown in. Sometimes pure Progressive House mixes get stale, but this mix gave some subtle variety that kept me entertained. Great mix!

DJ RaiZe links: