Team Philippines: Eleven Olympic Hopefuls

20 Jul

With the 2012 London Olympics fast approaching on July 27th, it’s interesting to note the various athletes competing for Team Philippines. From swimming, boxing, archery, skeet shooting,weight lifting, track & field, judo, and bmx, these Olympic games will give us more reason to watch and cheer. The Philippines has never won an Olympic gold medal and last won a medal was in 1996 when boxer Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco won a silver. Maybe this is the time for Team Philippines to bring home the Gold.


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Jasmine Alkaldi is a 19-year-old Filipino-Saudi Arabian born in Paranaque. Alkaldi’s major achievements include holding the Philippine swimming record for the 50m and 100m butterfly. Alkaldi secured a spot in the Olympics through the World Championships and will be participating in the 100-meter freestyle event in the Olympics.

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Jessie King Lacuna is a 18-year-old swimmer from Pulilan, Bulacan who secured a spot in the Olympics through the World Championships. Lacuna will be participating in the 200-meter freestyle event. Lacuna’s major accomplishments include winning two gold medals at the national games. Lacuna is the youngest competitor on Team Philippines.


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Paul Brian Rosario is a 29-year-old from Manila. Rosario will be participating in the skeet shooting event and qualified as a wild card.  Rosario’s major accomplishments include which being one point shy of the Beijing Olympics gold medalist score of 120 during a competition in Belgrade.


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Mark Anthony Barriga is a 19-year-old light flyweight (49 kilograms) boxer born in Panabo, Davao. Barriga qualified during the 2011 World Championships and is considered Team Philippines’ best chance at a gold medal. Barriga is also the only boxer representing Team Philippines.


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Hidilyn Diaz is a 21-year-old weightlifter from Zamboanga City. Diaz qualified in the Korea Open and the London Games will be her second Olympics. She is Philippines’ first Olympic weight lifter. For the 58kg category, Diaz is he ranked ninth. Diaz will be Team Philippines flag bearer.


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Marestella Torres is a 32-year-old hopeful born in Negros Oriental. Torres will be competing in the long jump and qualified with 6.71-meter national mark. Torres’ major accomplishments include winning a silver medal at the 2005 Asian Championships and breaking many records. Torres has been competing for Philippines since age 12.

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Navyman Rene Herrera is a 33-year-old hopeful from Guimaras Island, Iloilo.  This will be Herrera’s first Olympics and will be competing in the 5000m steeplechase.  Major accomplishments include winning a gold medal at 2011 Southeast Asian Game.  Herrera is the oldest competitor on Team Philippines.


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Daniel Caluag is a 25-year-old Filipino American BMX hopeful from California. Caluag secures a spot for the 2012 Olympics held in London. Caluag secured the spot at the UCI BMX world championship, which was held in Burmingham, England. Caluag is a definite medal contender.


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Tomohiko Hoshina is a 25-year-old Filipino-Japanese judoka based from Japan. He will be competing in the 100 plus kilo category. Hosina’s major accomplishments include winning silver at the 2007 Thailand Southeast Asian Games. Hoshina was given an automatic spot on Team Philippines. Hoshina admits that it would have been hard to make it on the Japanese team.


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Mark Javier is a 31-year-old from Dumaguete City. Javier will be competing in the archery event and earned a spot at the World Archery Championship and will be his 2nd Olympics. Javier’s major accomplishments include winning a gold medal at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games and National record holder.

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Rachel Cabral is a 27-year-old from Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley. She will also be competing in archery and qualified at the World Archery Championship in Utah along with Mark Javier.  This will be Cabral’s second Olympic games and Philippines’ first female Olympic archer since 2004.


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Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez Wins Street Fighter Vs. Marvel World Championship

11 Jul

In the world of fighting games competition, there is no event more prestigious than the EVO Championship Series, widely considered the World Championship of fighting games. World Warriors from all over the world get to compete annually in Las Vegas. For the popular game Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (UMVC3), Ryan “Filipino Champ” Ramirez needed to win after being knocked into the loser’s bracket by his opponent Infrit. After some tense moments, Filipino Champ fights his way winning 6 games in the grand finals against Infrit to become World Champion here .

Filipino Champ is a well-known name among the Fighting Game Community (FGC). He has won major events including SoCal Regionals held in Los Angeles winning the Super Street Fighter 4 event defeating Daigo “The Beast” Umehara, the greatest Street Fighter player of all time from Japan. Over the past few years, Filipino Champ has had plenty of media attention including TFC’s Balitang America segment here.

Filipino Champ travels extensively all over the US and internationally as a professional gamer. Filipino Champ had trips to Japan, Australia, and most recently to the Philippines. He is sponsored by Complexity Cross Counter and  currently participating at San Diego COMIC CON.

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Twitter @fchampryan

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KFC Cheese Top Burger For The Lose

28 Jun

KFC??? Why would you do this and do this in the Philippines out of all the places? Jollibee is way better anyway, even had the Chicken Joy and Spaghetti earlier for lunch

Apple Launches iTunes in Philippines and Other Asian Countries

26 Jun

Apple just announced the launching of iTunes in 12 Asian countries including Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. iTunes will carry a large option of music from major and independent labels from the Philippines. This will give people in the Philippines opportunity to also download music, apps, books, movies, podcasts, and tv shows.

There will be more opportunity for artists from the Philippines to get their music out to an international audience. I just looked up a few artists from the Philippines such as Kyla, Nina, and Juris Fernandez. I was not able to find these artists before on iTunes but now I can. For artists living abroad, this will also give them more exposure to Filipinos living in the Philippines as well.


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Apple Launches iTunes Store in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan & Nine Additional Countries in Asia Today

Air Jordan 1 Highh- White/Red/Black

21 Jun

These are coming out in Spring 2013. Gotta cop!

Fresh Out Da Box

These J’s haven’t been retroed since 1994. Thats a long time for Jordan not to do a retro. That could only mean one thing. Everybody and their momma are going to be after these. The Jordan 1’s are probably the most iconic J’s of all time. Jordan must have thought so when he wore the retro pair in his final game at Madison Square Garden. A few changes of course. The Nike check on the tongue has been replaced with the Jordan Logo, but the shoe still has the swoosh on it which is not common on Jordan’s. Stay tuned to FreshOutDaBox for a release date. Check out the pic’s courtesy of Nike Talk.


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21 Jun

At first I thought Pacquaio was given the win, but I was disheartened to know the WBO had no power to do so.

Thoughts on Boxing

The World Boxing Organization has completed its review of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight with an international panel of five judges. They all scored it for Pacquiao. Just what we expected, right? Maybe that’s not such a good thing. Well, let’s look at what we know for sure first. The WBO has stated that it will allow the rematch should Pacquiao choose to exercise his rematch clause, and if not, they will order the rematch, which presumably means Bradley could be stripped of the title if the fight does not go through. The WBO has also expressed an interest in supplementing future Nevada fights with outside officials to balance the scoring. The other information included in the ESPN article is in the scorecards produced by the panel. I actually suggested using five judges on fight night in the ESPN Fix the Fight Game poll because I assumed it would lead to…

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Bradley Vs Pacquaio Aftermath, Proposed Bipartison Legislation

20 Jun

Time and time again, sports such as boxing an have been plagued with controversial judging decisions. The Pacquaio Vs Bradley fight has to be one of the greatest controversies in boxing history. The majority of pundits and viewers thought Pacquaio won by a large margin, resulting in a  huge negative ripple effect for boxing.

Steps are now taking place for legislation of a United States Boxing Commission to major fights rather than State commissions. Two Senators leading the charge are John McCain and Harry Reid, both of whom were amateur boxers at a younger age.

John McCain states, “Ineffective oversight of professional boxing will continue to result in scandals, controversies, unethical practices, a lack of trust in the integrity of judged outcomes and most tragic of all, unnecessary deaths in the sport.” The proposed legislation would appoint referees and judges, and licensing power to boxing organizations, managers, and boxers.


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McCain: Boxing ‘corrupt’, in need of regulation