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Fun Interview with Artist Jomar Bulda!

17 Sep

I recently had the opportunity to interview with artist Jomar Bulda. I’ve heard of him through a few people and was amazed at his art!

Could you give me a brief background of yourself?

My Name is Jomar Bulda, 30 years old. I have been an artist since 2001, and I really REALLY LOVE COMIC BOOKS!

Where do you live in the Philippines?

I’m from a small town named Florante, in Biñan Laguna.

Is that where you got your start as an artist?

I’m not really sure, I just like to draw a lot when I was still in school, even in highschool… yeah even in college, But never profesionaly. I just do it for fun, and to somehow, impress people. I got my first local gig in Cubao, in a comic book publication called ATLAS comics. It was a lose lose situation for me because comics back then was already dying, and me commuting a 3 hours ride every week just to get rejected by editors is simply becoming a bit harder to swallow. It was REALLY hard looking back now at what I did. I cant even believed I survived that.

I first really noticed you when Stephen Segovia mentioned to get commissions from you on Facebook with Death of Spider-man Chibi cover you did. I personally love Chibi style and liked it right away. Then I tracked you down and tried to own it. Also, I googled you and looked at your Deviant art page and  Facebook page. I saw a lot of other great commissions you did. I’m very impressed! I’m happy you are getting me that comic.

So, what got you into Chibi style?

Chibi styles is very important to me honestly speaking because its the very first style that I developed by “copying” a fellow chibi artist back when i was still in Elementary (It was a poster of street fighter 2 that was colored only with crayola). So I told myself that If they can do it, I CAN do it too (laughs), And so I did. Unfortunately, not everyone likes Chibi’s so I have to adjust my styles into what is more “profitable”. I have been CHANGING styles like every other tuesdays, from MANGA, WESTERN, TONAL PENCILS, LINE ART, CROSS HATCHING, MARKER, I tried to understand them all. But Chibi is the style that I love the most because it’s fun to do. And I sincerely hope it gets acknowledged more.

I am a huge Street fighter fan. Do you have a link of that Crayola Street Fighter art?

Unfortunately no, that street fighter art was made in 1997.

Yeah, it’s super cool how you are good with different styles. How do you know Stephen Segovia?

Stephen And I first meet when he was working for Funny Komiks (Tomas en Kulas) and I was still getting rejected by editors. We did not know each other back then, but when we DO meet in the art Agency that we worked for. We compared “sob stories” to one another. It was very hilarious that we were all like “IKAW PALA YUN?” (that was you?). Lokal komiks here is Very small that we already know each others profession even if we do not know each others names I hope did not confused you (laughs).

That’s cool to hear your story about that. I know life as a struggling artist can be rough.

Yeah, it was very hard for me. I am just happy that some of my friends are hitting the big 2 companies now (Marvel and DC), and knowing them personally. They deserve what they have right now. I sincerely wish them more great luck in the future. I am happy with what I have accomplished too :)) as a sketch card artist.

Are you still trying to land a job with a bigger comic publisher?

As of now, I am just content with what I have (Tons of sketch cards projects ). But I do have a goal, and a deadline to that particular goal. If and when I have manage to accomplish that, I’ll try my luck with comic books once more.

Next year, I am planning to make a simple Artbook/portfoilio of my works. If not that, A fine print would do, or if not, I’ll just sell some of my Artist Proofs, They are practically collecting dust.

Cool. I hope you do a Street Fighter print!

Will do! any character request? ;D

I’m partial to Ryu and Sagat since that is usually who I play. Who is your favorite to draw? I like Guile and Chun li art as well.

I’m a Ryu player too, And Sagat, Gouki and Blanka are my favorite characters, I used to decimate my friends with Gouki, haha They just cant escape the “blackout”, I dunno what you guys call it in the U.S. (Gouki’s special move) But here in the Philippines, its called “Blackout”

Very cool! We got to play on my next trip there. smile Gouki is banned from competive play here 

Oh? well that sucks… And gouki is the only character that I can play… (laughs).

What are some of your links so people could find your art and message you for commissions?

http://orphanshadow.deviantart.com/# is where most of my recent work are being posted, and https://www.facebook.com/jomar.bulda is where I normally lurk.

Alright! Any last words and what does the future hold for Sir Jomar Bulda?

I have a very simple principle in life, Its NEVER to complain, Just WORK harder, deal with whatever life is throwing at you, you dont have a choice anyway hahaha. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you DJ Teddy Eddy for letting me share my story with you. I wish you all the best in the world. I’d like to say hi to my family in Sweden, Tatay Ode, Nanay Ave, My sisters Joy and Gigi My younger Bro Jerome. To my Loving partner Chris And our Little Li May. grin

Alright! Take care!

Be sure to buy some commissions from him!!

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Francis M and Caliph8 Posing with Nike Art

1 Aug

I’m going to a Sneaker show next week that will have some Nike art in Los Angeles. Here’s a pic of Idol Francis M. and Caliph8 with some Nike art! =D

Cool Art: Batman is Now Batdad By Andry Rajoelina

12 Jun

Pretty cool Batman art!

Follow Andry Rajoelina


New DJ Teddy Art Courtesy of Colombian Artist Vancamelot

1 Jun


Cool! Check out the DJ Teddy Eddy art recently given to me by Vancamelot of http://vancamelot.deviantart.com/! His been making major news lately over his awesome Street Fighter art. Be on the lookout for my interview/article from him soon! 🙂

Filipino Video Game Site Back2Gaming: A Word with Vincent Haoson

16 May

I recently had the opportunity to interview the creator of Back2Gaming, one of the Philippine’s top gaming blogs as of late. We talked about a little about the history of the site and even the local game scene.

What is the history of Back2Gaming (B2G)?

B2G started off as just a formless idea for myself when I was still studying. Since I wanted to write for Game magazines back then. After years of false starts B2G finally came about when I decided to just go start it almost 4 years ago when I was still a freelance game reviewer. The name came from a friend of mine. We were just chatting and I threw him my thoughts about setting up the blog which was nameless back then. When I said goodbye and told him I’m going back to gaming he told me why don’t I use that as my blog title jokingly. I decided to go with it, even if he thought it wasn’t really a good name.

Tell me about your site Back2Gaming.

Back2Gaming is a blog composed of gamers (up until recently when we added another writer who’s mostly into anime, manga and figmas) where we cover local and international gaming industry news. We also review games and as you can see peripherals and the occasional hardware that passes by our hands.

I think back2gaming is a really good name, what is the goal of your site?

It’s basically a news site concentrating on the video games industry in all forms. We hope to eventually become one of the names in the Philippine’s gaming scene that provides not only up-to-date news and updates but also top-notch video game related content that only we can provide.

Is it true that B2G won an award for Best Video Game Blog in the Philippines?

Yes we did, we were awarded the Best Video Game blog during the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards.


For the international readers that do not know much about the Philippine video game scene, what could you tell me about it?

The Philippine video game scene is pretty diverse. The biggest share of the gamers fall into two major classifications which are the MMO players and the MOBA/ARPG gamers with the local market mostly composed of people who would rather play games at net shops. The F2P model which can be found on MOBA/ARPG and MMOs are the general favorite. However there are dedicated groups for each of the major consoles and mobile platforms.

What do you know about the fighting games scene?

The local fighting game scene in the country is pretty niche however there has been a strong following by individual gamers who have their own consoles at home or have enough funds to continually hang out at arcades. There are organized groups that cater to specific titles such as Pinoy2DFighters (http://www.pinoy2dfighters.com/) which are composed of mainly patrons of the 2D fighting genre such as Blazblue, Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom, etc. On the other hand the 3d fighting game scene is dominated by Tekken who is currently enjoying steady stream of fans and in fact even Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken creator) has shown favorable support to the local Tekken fighting scene.

I personally am interested in seeing the Philippine fighting games scene grow. I would love to see more media coverage of it which is important for growth. I know that you have specialized B2G fighting game writers for this as well.

Yup, on a more personal note, I’d love to see the day when other video game genres get as much fans as, say MMOs and the MOBA scene. I’d like to think that the local gaming scene has a more diversified sense of taste at least in video games which sadly has been a frustratingly disappointing (but enduring) hope of mine.

As for specialized writers, I have Billy Anonuevo to cover the fighting games scene but there are other writers who are either into or are familiar to the fighting game genre and community.

Nice! What could you tell me about the rhythm games scene in the Philippines? I heard games like DJ Max and Technika are popular there.

Yes that’s right. The Rhythm games scene in the country is alive and kicking. You’d get to see people line up on games such as Guitar Freaks, Drum Mania on weekends or during cons since most of the players are anime/jpop/kpop fans as well. You’d also see people sweating it out on dance games and even DJ Technika players on certain days and occasions.

I heard that your site was going to get more into anime and have a new anime writer. What could you tell me about that?

Me and Bossmac used to also co-write and manage another blog that’s catered to the otakus. However since we wanted to expand and have a wider range of topics we decided to invite the main owner of otakuako and my RL friend Jonathan Ang. He’s mostly into animes, mangas and even prepares cosplay galleries at Otakuako, and hopefully we could bring that into the mix in Back2Gaming as well.

What is the link to this site?


I’m pretty happy that there are people such as yourself helping the Philippine gamer and anime scene. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Well, my heart has always been on the video game scene since the day I first held my famicom controller player so yeah so I’d like to think that video games has been in my blood since I was a child. However, I’d like to say that video games have and always been a means of entertainment and shouldn’t be a person’s whole life unless you plan to make a living out of it. Either you can go for the pro league where your work is basically playing video games competitively or you can follow the game journalist route, where you’d need to be not just knowledgeable in video games generally, you also need to know how to construct sentences.

If you want to prove to the world (or your parents, siblings etc.) that video games is more than just a passing hobby, prove it with actions and keep the passion! Because the road is not easy but something that’s worth it is never always easy to get.

Thanks for the interview!

Thanks for the opportunity!


Award winning Filipino Toy Designer and Anime Artist: A Word with Ryan Tumaliuan

14 May


Ryan Tamuliuan – A Fil-Am who been in the Anime and Toy Industry since 2002. He is an accomplished toy designer who has won numerous awards.

What is your background and what do you do as an artist?

I come from a family of artists, which my Lolo, was a comic strip artist in the Philippines before WWII. My Mother was an architect and I ended up doodling since birth. I grew up on Star Wars and 80’s cartoons and was kinda lost as to where I wanted to go in life after high school, but eventually found OTIS Art College and studied Toy Design. After graduation, lots of hard work and determination landed me as a Product Design Manager for a well known toy company. But, because my thirst for art is never quenched, I find myself drawing my own thing in my spare time involving myself with things that interest me, such as anime and figures.

Speaking of anime and figures, is there a site to show off your art and figures?

My figure collection is located http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/SykoeEnt. There are old videos of my apartment on my profile.

Hannah Minx also made video in my room and posted it on her YouTube channel here: http://youtu.be/F5asThTmELo. (Note: This video has almost 1 million views) 

My artwork is usually placed on my deviantART site: http://sykoeent.deviantart.com/ if I actually remember to use it! lol

Selected Art:




Selected Collection:


Tell me a little something about your collection. 

I’ve been collecting things since I was really little, Star Wars, Transformers… but I’ve started to really love collecting things from anime because it inspires a lot of my art. My collection of anime goods has grown quite a bit where I was noticed by TokyoPOP and even an Anime shop, www.PowerAnime.com , for whom I do figure reviews for.

What is your favorite anime characters?

My favorite anime character is Suzumiya Haruhi. I tend to collect anything of her. lol

What is your favorite anime character to draw?

My favorite character to draw is actually my own character, Megumi. The pink haired sword wielder in one of those drawings.

I know that you like drawing Street Fighter. What do you like about the Street Fighter series?

OH MAN! I’ve been playing Street Fighter since the first one… which I barely remember… BUT, at a Shakey’s Pizza, near my Tae Kwon Do place, they had the Street Fighter 2 arcade machine! I’d usually play Ryu, and… I remember imitating, or trying to, his moves in my sessions. As my fondness of the females grew, I switched characters to Chun Li, then Cammy and finally Sakura. Those Japanese girls ALWAYS get me! =D lol. But, one of the main reasons why I’ve liked Street Fighter is the design of the characters, not just in Street Fighter, but from Capcom as a whole.

Do you still play?

I play whenever I could! lol Although, I’m really really bad at the game… I can play, like, against the computer… on easy… maybe on medium, on a good day! lol

Nice! What do you think your biggest industry accomplishment is to date and what does the future hold for Ryan Tumaliuan? Also, what is your gamer/artist name?

Well, professionally, probably winning awards for some of my toy designs. Personally, still drawing the things what I enjoy and still having fun doing it. I’m hoping to draw comics full time while living in Nagano Japan near Lake Kizaki and attending as many anime and comic book conventions around the world.

I go by a lot of names, SykoeEnt, Ryan 2Million, the OtaKing, OhRyan

Do you have an online portfolio and link to your award winning toy? 

My online portfolio: http://ryan2million.daportfolio.com/

My award winning toy: http://ryan2million.daportfolio.com/gallery/494968#2

Nice! Is there anything else you would like to add for the readers and the Filipinos reading this? Any shoutouts?

My Filipino Brothers and Sisters that are trying to break into the industry, don’t stop! Keep at it! Look at others’ that criticize you as a stepping stool to reach your goals. I would like to shout out to my family and friends, my Pinoy brothers from different mothers, Whilce (Portacio), for being an inspiration to me when I was younger, to all the girls I’ve loved before and respect to Tony DeZuniga.

Thanks for the interview!

No Prob!