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Fun Interview with Artist Jomar Bulda!

17 Sep

I recently had the opportunity to interview with artist Jomar Bulda. I’ve heard of him through a few people and was amazed at his art!

Could you give me a brief background of yourself?

My Name is Jomar Bulda, 30 years old. I have been an artist since 2001, and I really REALLY LOVE COMIC BOOKS!

Where do you live in the Philippines?

I’m from a small town named Florante, in Biñan Laguna.

Is that where you got your start as an artist?

I’m not really sure, I just like to draw a lot when I was still in school, even in highschool… yeah even in college, But never profesionaly. I just do it for fun, and to somehow, impress people. I got my first local gig in Cubao, in a comic book publication called ATLAS comics. It was a lose lose situation for me because comics back then was already dying, and me commuting a 3 hours ride every week just to get rejected by editors is simply becoming a bit harder to swallow. It was REALLY hard looking back now at what I did. I cant even believed I survived that.

I first really noticed you when Stephen Segovia mentioned to get commissions from you on Facebook with Death of Spider-man Chibi cover you did. I personally love Chibi style and liked it right away. Then I tracked you down and tried to own it. Also, I googled you and looked at your Deviant art page and  Facebook page. I saw a lot of other great commissions you did. I’m very impressed! I’m happy you are getting me that comic.

So, what got you into Chibi style?

Chibi styles is very important to me honestly speaking because its the very first style that I developed by “copying” a fellow chibi artist back when i was still in Elementary (It was a poster of street fighter 2 that was colored only with crayola). So I told myself that If they can do it, I CAN do it too (laughs), And so I did. Unfortunately, not everyone likes Chibi’s so I have to adjust my styles into what is more “profitable”. I have been CHANGING styles like every other tuesdays, from MANGA, WESTERN, TONAL PENCILS, LINE ART, CROSS HATCHING, MARKER, I tried to understand them all. But Chibi is the style that I love the most because it’s fun to do. And I sincerely hope it gets acknowledged more.

I am a huge Street fighter fan. Do you have a link of that Crayola Street Fighter art?

Unfortunately no, that street fighter art was made in 1997.

Yeah, it’s super cool how you are good with different styles. How do you know Stephen Segovia?

Stephen And I first meet when he was working for Funny Komiks (Tomas en Kulas) and I was still getting rejected by editors. We did not know each other back then, but when we DO meet in the art Agency that we worked for. We compared “sob stories” to one another. It was very hilarious that we were all like “IKAW PALA YUN?” (that was you?). Lokal komiks here is Very small that we already know each others profession even if we do not know each others names I hope did not confused you (laughs).

That’s cool to hear your story about that. I know life as a struggling artist can be rough.

Yeah, it was very hard for me. I am just happy that some of my friends are hitting the big 2 companies now (Marvel and DC), and knowing them personally. They deserve what they have right now. I sincerely wish them more great luck in the future. I am happy with what I have accomplished too :)) as a sketch card artist.

Are you still trying to land a job with a bigger comic publisher?

As of now, I am just content with what I have (Tons of sketch cards projects ). But I do have a goal, and a deadline to that particular goal. If and when I have manage to accomplish that, I’ll try my luck with comic books once more.

Next year, I am planning to make a simple Artbook/portfoilio of my works. If not that, A fine print would do, or if not, I’ll just sell some of my Artist Proofs, They are practically collecting dust.

Cool. I hope you do a Street Fighter print!

Will do! any character request? ;D

I’m partial to Ryu and Sagat since that is usually who I play. Who is your favorite to draw? I like Guile and Chun li art as well.

I’m a Ryu player too, And Sagat, Gouki and Blanka are my favorite characters, I used to decimate my friends with Gouki, haha They just cant escape the “blackout”, I dunno what you guys call it in the U.S. (Gouki’s special move) But here in the Philippines, its called “Blackout”

Very cool! We got to play on my next trip there. smile Gouki is banned from competive play here 

Oh? well that sucks… And gouki is the only character that I can play… (laughs).

What are some of your links so people could find your art and message you for commissions?

http://orphanshadow.deviantart.com/# is where most of my recent work are being posted, and https://www.facebook.com/jomar.bulda is where I normally lurk.

Alright! Any last words and what does the future hold for Sir Jomar Bulda?

I have a very simple principle in life, Its NEVER to complain, Just WORK harder, deal with whatever life is throwing at you, you dont have a choice anyway hahaha. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you DJ Teddy Eddy for letting me share my story with you. I wish you all the best in the world. I’d like to say hi to my family in Sweden, Tatay Ode, Nanay Ave, My sisters Joy and Gigi My younger Bro Jerome. To my Loving partner Chris And our Little Li May. grin

Alright! Take care!

Be sure to buy some commissions from him!!

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